HexStickers, hexagonal stickers for developers

Hexagonal stickers for your developing laptop or Mac.

hexagonal sticker of php hexagonal sticker of git hexagonal sticker of go(lang) hexagonal sticker of python hexagonal sticker of react hexagonal sticker of redis hexagonal sticker of javascript

Why our stickers are so cheap

Looking at our competitor website you will notice immediately that we are the one providing laptop stickers some of the most cheap sticker in the market.

But why?

It is not about the quality

The very first thing to make clear is that our laptop stickers are astonishing quality!

They are printed by an Italian craftsman who lives in the edge between the digital world and the physical one with many years of experience.

Nonetheless, the combination of printers, papers and inks is not always as smooth as you would expect and some stickers come out with some very small imperfections, usually around 5% of them.

To overcame this little glitch of the physically world we print 10% of extra sticker for every batch so that we are sure to ship you only the very best.

It is about our mission

Our mission is to spread developers culture.

To spread developers culture means make devs proud of their work, of their knowledge and of the positive impact they are having on the world.

Providing them with a simple, fast and even cheap way to make developers feel part of a community in a visual appealing way is what we are aiming to.

This is why keeping our price low is a priority for us.

How we do it

Simply we exploit production of scale.

We print our stickers in batch, big batch, so that the overhead to start the production is really diluted, approaching zero.

After all what you are paying for your laptop stickers is not much more than the shipping cost, the raw material and the time we used to manage the business.

Our mission comes first

Profit is necessary to run any business, however, we prefer to have some dismissed margin than do not accomplish our mission.

Thus, if you are trying to spread developer culture between fellow developers, you are holding technical meetups or you are trying to spread some open source technology between engineers, so if you need a big amount of our laptop stickers just drop us an email and we will provide you a custom quote just for you.

As always,

Visit our shop below and Happy Hacking!

Hex Stickers Price

Free worlwide shipping with any order of our hex stickers

Up to 5 stickers 7.99€

Up to 10 stickers 9.99€

Up to 15 stickers 13.99€

Up to 20 stickers 15.99€

hexagonal sticker of angular hexagonal sticker of C hexagonal sticker of css3 hexagonal sticker of erlang hexagonal sticker of git hexagonal sticker of go(lang) hexagonal sticker of hadoop hexagonal sticker of html5 hexagonal sticker of javascript hexagonal sticker of mongodb hexagonal sticker of nodejs hexagonal sticker of php hexagonal sticker of postgres hexagonal sticker of python hexagonal sticker of react hexagonal sticker of redis hexagonal sticker of ruby hexagonal sticker of rust hexagonal sticker of scala hexagonal sticker of sqlite

Or pay via PayPal sending directly the money to hexstickers@gmail.com along with what stickers you want and your mail address

We will confirm your order as soon as we get it. If you have any problem just contact us.

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If you need more than 20 stickers, or you have any other needs, please contact us hexstickers@gmail.com

For any inquiries, requests or suggestions the fastest way to reach us is still via email hexstickers@gmail.com

We will send an email when we ship your order, usually it takes take 2 working days, and at the most 5.

The stickers are shipped from Europe thus it will take approximately 10/14 days to reach the US and one week in Europe.

All the sticker are compliant to the specifications so that you can freely mix ours with the ones from other vendors.

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