HexStickers, hexagonal stickers for developers

Hexagonal stickers for your developing laptop or Mac.

hexagonal sticker of php hexagonal sticker of git hexagonal sticker of go(lang) hexagonal sticker of python hexagonal sticker of react hexagonal sticker of redis hexagonal sticker of javascript

Why hexagonan stickers

I was born in a little city in Italy without many opportunities for professional grow.

So I moved to Milan, the technological hub in Italy that actually provided me with a lot of opportunities of works and professional grow.

Of course I still enjoy to come back in my hometown whenever I have some free time to visit my family and old friends.

Last time I got back in Siena my friends asked me about any news and of course I shared with them this great adventure of hexstickers.com

They immediately asked why I was making hexagonal stickers and not simpler stickers. Simpler stickers required less artistic work and are generally faster to do, get the actuall logo, advertise, sell them, print, ship and then profit! Why add another step in this simple circle?

My answer was very fast, hexagon are very appealing because they are one of the very few shapes that can completely tile a plane! Let me explain.

Tiling a Plane

With plane I mean the euclidean plane in the real word this would be an extremelly large, completely flat surface, like a wall, a table or the lid of your laptop!

With tiling I mean to completely cover a surface, without gaps or overlaps.

It turns out that there are a lof of way to tile a plane using polygons, however, only three regular polygons can tile a plane by themself: triangle, squares and, you guessed, hexagons!

This particular property of hexagons makes them perfect for making stickers.

Using hexagonal stickers you will be able to cover your laptop in a very neat and precise way, without leaving any gaps or leaving precise hexagonal gaps that you may fill some other time, still keeping a very appealing visual effect.

Below you can buy our stickers and in the gif in the embeded tweet you can see some of the pattern that you may have on your laptop with our stickers.

If you have any question feel free to drop us an email at: hexsticker@gmail.com

Happy hacking and spread the devs culture!

Hex Stickers Price

Free worlwide shipping with any order of our hex stickers

Up to 5 stickers 7.99€

Up to 10 stickers 9.99€

Up to 15 stickers 13.99€

Up to 20 stickers 15.99€

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Or pay via PayPal sending directly the money to hexstickers@gmail.com along with what stickers you want and your mail address

We will confirm your order as soon as we get it. If you have any problem just contact us.

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If you need more than 20 stickers, or you have any other needs, please contact us hexstickers@gmail.com

For any inquiries, requests or suggestions the fastest way to reach us is still via email hexstickers@gmail.com

We will send an email when we ship your order, usually it takes take 2 working days, and at the most 5.

The stickers are shipped from Europe thus it will take approximately 10/14 days to reach the US and one week in Europe.

All the sticker are compliant to the specifications so that you can freely mix ours with the ones from other vendors.

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