HexStickers, hexagonal stickers for developers

Hexagonal stickers for your developing laptop or Mac.

hexagonal sticker of php hexagonal sticker of git hexagonal sticker of go(lang) hexagonal sticker of python hexagonal sticker of react hexagonal sticker of redis hexagonal sticker of javascript

How to apply our stickers

When you will receive the stickers you will want to apply them immediately to your laptop or to your mac book.

However, I urge you to think a to the patterns and shape that you want to give to your laptop.

Try several combination

The stickers will come already cut in hexagonal shape with a little white margin.

Exploit this and test several patterns that you like.

Try to leave more open space, then try to make everything more dense, swap around two stickers.

Cluster them for classes: all the technologies that you use for the front end together and another cluster for the technologies that you use in the back end.

Draw your professional grow: maybe you have started learning python and then you started to make website using HTML and CSS and now you are doing more complex work using Scala, Hadoop, Redis and Postgres. Then you may place Python as a root at the bottom of your laptop lid, then HTML5 and CSS3 and finally the one about Scala, Hadoop, Redis and finally Postgres.

The possibilities are endless.

Start from the difficult part

Once you have reached a decision about the pattern that you want to give to your laptop or your mac it is time to actually apply the stickers.

Nowadays most laptops have some logos on their lid, it may be the famous apple, the ThinkPad logo or other productors logo, moreover you may have already applied other sticker.

Those are the difficult parts.

If the pattern you have decided come close to those parts you better take it slowly.

The very first sticker that you want to apply is the closest to those difficult parts and then you want to move toward the part of your laptop that are more free.

Move toward one direction

This is the most important part.

It is quite difficult to exactly put a sticker in the space between more than two already placed stickers.

The good news is that, whatever pattern you picked, it is always possible to apply your sticker sequentially and make everything simpler.

Nothing is forever, have fun!

You won’t keep your laptop forever.

Moreover, the sticker that you have placed are removable, it is not simple but it is possible.

Some imperfections make your laptop yours and more human, if you make some imperfections don’t cringe about but laugh it off. Nobody will notice it but you! Enjoy and have fun with our stickers!

Happy Hacking!

Hex Stickers Price

Free worlwide shipping with any order of our hex stickers

Up to 5 stickers 7.99€

Up to 10 stickers 9.99€

Up to 15 stickers 13.99€

Up to 20 stickers 15.99€

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Or pay via PayPal sending directly the money to hexstickers@gmail.com along with what stickers you want and your mail address

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If you need more than 20 stickers, or you have any other needs, please contact us hexstickers@gmail.com

For any inquiries, requests or suggestions the fastest way to reach us is still via email hexstickers@gmail.com

We will send an email when we ship your order, usually it takes take 2 working days, and at the most 5.

The stickers are shipped from Europe thus it will take approximately 10/14 days to reach the US and one week in Europe.

All the sticker are compliant to the specifications so that you can freely mix ours with the ones from other vendors.

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